Ashland, Oregon- Jackson County

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Pamela Haunschild

Renowned  Nature & Wildlife Artist

Thank you to the Kinsman Foundation.....

Our Wildlife Baby Clinic was built due to generous donations of individuals, but SOAR did not have the funds to complete the water, power, electrical work, insulation and dry wall.    Thanks to the Kinsman Foundation we were able to complete the Wildlife Baby Clinic and we are now fully operational!

"The cutest little 8-week old bobcat kitten needed assistance from a wildlife rehabilitation expert, and I responded to assist the little fluffy ball of fur.  I placed on my 'old' thick, hard to move in gloves, that I 'thought' would protect me from bites & scrathes.  But once I tried to pick up that fluff ball of fur, the bobcat was frightened and bit me.  Those sharp teeth went right through those old thick cumbersome gloves & I sustained 2 nasty infected bites on my fingers. 

But...I then learned about The ArmOR Hand,...these gloves are thin, soft, and you can manipulate animals as well while wearing them!  Unbelievable! But the test really came when I had to catch eight, 5 month old wild raccoons.  I put on the ArmOR Hands and even though the raccoons bit and scratched me numerous times I only felt pressure.  I did not sustain any injuries...nothing! 

Thank you ArmOR Hand!!! " 

Tiffany- SOAR President

"The ArmOR Hand Gloves offer superior dexterity, allowing proper & safe animal restraint, as well as the ability to perform procedures. Whether you are a veterinarian, volunteer rescue worker, or groomer - anyone who handles animals - can benefit from The ArmOR Hand Gloves."

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Adam & Sophia are one of a kind!  They have a 'Charity of the Month' Program!  They have chosen SOAR Wildlife Center as their Charity of the Month for July 2018! 

Thank you TEN REALTY!

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Pamela is one of the only Wildlife Artist in Oregon!  She also just was accepted an 'Artist-In-Residence @ Glacier National Park!

Pamela supports SOAR by not only capturing wildlife in their natural habitat but she also donates 10% of the sale of her wildlife art to SOAR.  Thank you Pamela!

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