Ashland, Oregon- Jackson County

Closed Facility- No Tours Offered



Channel 10-Story by Kimberly Kolliner-

SOAR Releases 6 Fawns @ LongSword Vineyard!

8/8/17  Channel 12- KDVR- Danielle Craig's Story on: 

Sarah Pruden, an SOU Student and SOAR intern who is conducting her capstone project on Bear Cub Rehabilitation. 

Sarah explains how she is working hard to get Black Bear Sow's in Oregon, collared so they can be apart of the Black Bear Assistive Adoptive Program.  It is an amazing program where if a bear cub orphan is located, the black bear SOWS (cub bearing black bear females) that are collared, are then located via GPS and if that sow has another cub, the orphaned cub will be placed outside her den and 97% of the time the sow will adopt the orphaned cub and raise it!

SOAR might have to close doors due to lack of funding. 

Heather Hodgen(SOU College Student Intern)  and Maria Cagney (UNR College Student Intern) speak with KOBI 5 News and NEWS 10 (respectively) about the possible closure of SOAR and what that means. 


Channel 12- KDVR Danielle Craig's  Story:

Neisa McMillin is an SOU Student and an intern @ SOAR Wildlife Center.  Neisa is completing her capstone project on black tailed fawns.  For the 1st time, SOAR in conjunction with ODFW, is ear tagging the fawns that were taken into rehabilitation in 2017 at SOAR, and will track and study any sightings of the fawns.

If you see a Black Tailed Fawn/Deer with an ear tag:

-Video or Photograph it (if you can)

-What ear is the tag in? (right or left)

-What color is the tag

-What number is the tag

Call ODFW or SOAR 541-708-1780  or Contact Us Form


Channel 10-Story by Kimberly Kolliner-

Actual Visit to SOAR Wildlife Center, just hours before the release!