Ashland, Oregon- Jackson County

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Day 56-  SOAR Wildlife Must train the raccoon kit to hunt for its own food so when it is released it will know how to feed itself.  Since raccoons are omnivores (they eat meat and vegetables/fruits) one of their main foods is fish.  Here SOAR is training the raccoon kit to hunt for fish in water. 

Day 1-  SOAR Wildlife responds to a home where the raccoon mother was killed and her 1-day old raccoon kit was found.  Raccoon kits (babies) have an intense need to suckle.  But it is important not to imprint (get the raccoon used to humans and not fearful of them) therefore a pacifier is used to allow the raccoon kit to suckle. 

I found a fawn, raccoon kit, skunk kit, fox cub, bear cub, squirrel:

Release of the Raccoon 16 weeks later....

I found a baby bird, owl, eagle,

duck, goose:

The Story of a 1-Day Old Raccoon Kit....

Day 70- Raccoons need lots of enrichment to grow and learn how to survive in nature.  One way SOAR Wildlife ensured this raccoon kit got the appropriate enrichment was through placing different fauna and flora in his area each day.  Here the raccoon kit is playing with a flower. 

SOAR ONLY TAKES IN MAMMALS (Fawns, fox cubs, raccoon kits, skunk kits, squirrel kittens, etc.) WE ARE NOT PERMITTED TO TAKE IN BIRDS