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Raccoon Kit
8 Weeks Old
This Raccoon Kit is about 1 month away from release- Just look at the picture to the right- it was the release location we found for him and his 7 other den mates!

A dream team to bring wildlife rehabilitation to Jackson County


Southern Oregon Animal Rehabilitation

Training is ongoing and never ending. As the environment, science, and those affected by it change, so must we. One important part is through student internships. At SOAR Wildlife we plan to support student internships to those who follow our mission and vision for wildlife rehabilitation.

About Us

Tiffany is the founder of SOAR. She has a love for wildlife and has a duty to ensure that every wild animal that comes into her care for rehabilitation is given the best opportunity to return to nature...

The 3 R's of SOAR:




Saved & Released:

Our mission: is dedicated to advancing wildlife rehabilitation while preserving wildlife in nature and to provide public education so as to foster the peaceful coexistence between humans and wildlife.

It takes a team of dedicated volunteers to make sure our wildlife rehabilitation facility is available to those orphaned and injured wildlife who need us. Through dedication, knowledge, training and a great vision, our team at SOAR Wildlife will make great strides in wildlife rehabilitation.

SOAR Wildlife Center

Board of Directors:

Tiffany L Morey

Dr. Pamela Haunschild

Dr. Gail Colbern

Laura Milnes

Luca Dennington

Samuel Dodenhoff

We at SOAR were so excited when we found this amazing release sit for 8 raccoon kits! 

Raccoon Kit @
1 day old
When this little 1- day old raccoon kits mom was killed SOAR came to the rescue. Now this little guy is enjoying nature at its best! Just look where he was released at 16 weeks of age (pictures to the right)

Lots of Food!
We at SOAR staked out this release location for days to ensure it was perfect for the release of our raccoon kits. This sunset was so majestic!

We at SOAR Wildlife believe that education is power. We are stewards of wildlife rehabilitation therefore we are responsible to train those children who will someday take over this important step of ensuring wildlife rehabilitation. To this end, SOAR will be at the forefront of educating the public.

Board of Directors